This interactive tool was created by the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (CTFPHC) to aid primary care practitioners and patients in assessing risk of fragility fractures and discussing treatment options and benefits. For full CTFPHC recommendations, please see our guideline.

For calculating risk, the tool relies on the Canadian models of the FRAX® algorithms to calculate the 10-year probability of fracture. The CTFPHC has entered into a licencing agreement with the International Osteoporosis Foundation to utilize FRAX®. Treatment effect data is based on the CTFPHC Fragility Fractures systematic review of the benefits of treatment within a general treatment population (i.e., individuals at above average risk for fracture but without a prior fragility fracture). Please visit the full review for more information.

The tool was developed by the Team for Implementation, Evaluation, and Sustainability (TIES) - Knowledge Translation Program at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute. The tool was tested with primary care practitioners and patients to assess the tool's utility and usability.

For any questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact us using the Canadian Task Force contact form.